About Our Firm

EcoTech Law Group, P.C., is a unique, client-focused IP boutique. The firm is dedicated to the principle of sustainability: sustainable client relationships, sustainable futures for our clients, and a sustainable impact on the environment. We believe that providing true value—at sustainable rates—fosters the most successful long-term client relationships.

Our intellectual property practice is far-ranging and includes patent prosecution, litigation (patent, trade secret, and copyright, as well as breach of contract and general business matters), licensing, opinion work, due diligence, and portfolio management. We represent clients who provide state-of-the-art solutions to problems in sectors as diverse as pharmaceuticals, energy, specialty chemicals, semiconductors, software, and the Internet.

EcoTech Law Group's attorneys have advanced technical degrees in engineering, chemistry, and the life sciences. They have worked as research scientists and engineers, published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, and have been named as inventors on patents. Further, our members have practiced at top international law firms, multi-national corporations (including a Fortune 5 company), premier academic research institutions, and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Finally, our attorneys have authored scholarly legal articles and are authorized by the California State Bar as a Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") provider on cutting-edge legal issues. Our clients benefit from the breadth and depth of both our technical and legal expertise.

Our client service, however, goes beyond procuring and defending our clients' intellectual property rights. We strive to accelerate innovation from the mind to the marketplace. To this end, we frequently work with attorneys in our cohesive legal network to provide our clients with services necessary to grow a business. Such services include handling corporate, employment, tax, and real estate issues. Further, we assist our clients in seeking funding from the government, as well as from various private sources, including angel investors, venture funds, and investment banks. We give our clients more than legal advice—we partner with them to achieve their maximum potential. Our ultimate strength is—harnessing the power of innovation.