Does my patent need international protection?

Developing an idea is a long and expensive process. While some ideas come quickly, others take time and testing to discover whether they will be beneficial to the public. After going through development and then the patent process, it may seem like you have jumped through every available hoop to make sure that your idea […]

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State sovereignty does not protect from Inter Partes Review

When your patent is being challenged through Inter Partes Review (IPR), it can be a difficult situation. After years of work on developing your idea, and investing more time and money into getting a patent, receiving notice that someone is challenging your rights as an owner is frustrating. Developed as part of the America Invents […]

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So you have good genes. Do they belong to you?

Whether you have a flawless complexion or high metabolism, people might say that you have good genes. They may be the reason for your curly hair, freckles or skin color. Every child inherits certain traits from their biological parents. However, if a new intellectual property (IP) amendment becomes law, you may no longer have the […]

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