What value does an attorney bring to my patent application?

In some ways, it seems as though people have come full circle. We started out trying to do everything ourselves, then came an age of specialization. If you wanted something done, you asked someone who trained in it. Now, in an age where the answers are more accessible than ever, many people are tempted to do for themselves, what they would have left to a professional 50 years ago.

The patent process is no stranger to those who want to “do it themselves.” Naturally entrepreneurial in spirit, if you are seeking a parent, chances are you have considered trying to skip the attorney and figure it out on your own.

This is what an attorney can bring to the table as you file your patent application.

Patent attorney versus patent agent

Before you start looking for help, make sure you understand the available types of help. When you are looking to file a patent, there are patent attorneys and patent agents. While you may be tempted to look at the price tag for each, make sure you understand what they offer before making a decision.

While both must pass the “patent bar” to call themselves a patent agent or attorney, the most significant difference between an agent and an attorney is that the attorney has been to law school. Law school can be an essential part of your patent considerations, especially if you need legal advice or representation on your patent; both are issues where an agent would not be able to help.

Get it right the first time

As someone seeking out a patent, you are probably no stranger to the expensive lesson that comes with having to redo something due to getting it wrong the first time. The same principle applies when it is time for a patent application.

While there is a lot of information that you will be able to fill out with confidence, there are some aspects where you might need some extra help. Consulting with an attorney on your patent application can help you submit complete and accurate paperwork.

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