How tech companies can fight back against “patent trolls”

Innovation is the heart of the technology industry in California. Tech companies compete to create new and better ways of doing things. By filing patents for new ideas, tech companies secure their innovations’ place in the system. So-called “patent trolls” found a way leverage this system to gain profit. Non-practicing entities “Patent trolls” are non-practicing […]

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Making the most of a patent portfolio

A patent is a grant by the government giving the holder the exclusive right to monetize an invention. Patents are individual grants, but many companies have whole portfolios of patents as well as other intellectual property elements such as trademarks and copyrights. They might result from direct creativity or by the acquisition of others’ work. […]

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The state of inter partes review

Law is always subject to change. That’s something that experienced attorneys in any practice area know and appreciate, and the truth of the statement is certainly clear in the context of intellectual property law. In just the past few months, several intellectual property cases have made headlines, and that is what we focus on in […]

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