When can I label my product as “patent pending?”

Before creating your concept, you may have dismissed messages on other products that said, “patent pending.” Now that you have your own idea that needs protection, those words seem like they have the potential to add a layer of protection while your patent is processing. After spending a significant amount of time and money developing […]

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State sovereignty does not protect from Inter Partes Review

When your patent is being challenged through Inter Partes Review (IPR), it can be a difficult situation. After years of work on developing your idea, and investing more time and money into getting a patent, receiving notice that someone is challenging your rights as an owner is frustrating. Developed as part of the America Invents […]

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By the numbers: A shifting intellectual property market

The Licensing Executives Society, Inc., recently released the results of the LES High Tech Sector Royalty Rates & Deal Terms Survey. This survey covers the ever-changing world of intellectual property licensing and patents. Data from the survey digs much deeper than what can be found through public sources. Information from this survey and the past […]

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