Computer Science

We are routinely called on to protect innovative ideas in software, hardware and networks. Utilizing their innovative solutions, our clients are changing how people interact with each other and the world.

  • Software and apps: Social media, human resources, management of pelagic systems, audio filter systems and real estate
  • Hardware: Headphones, diagnostic and testing systems for mobile devices, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) control systems
  • Networks: Neural networks and communication networks


In a collaborative effort with ecotechlaw®, we are developing an intellectual property portfolio for our cutting-edge performance management platform, which allows real-time feedback and goal management. I find their expertise, guidance, and insights of great value and highly recommend them.

Jimmie Tyrrell
Co-Founder and Head of Security
Reflektive (an HR Tool)

Having held C-Level positions at leading global companies that have defined the intersection of technology and entertainment, I have hired multiple IP law firms to build IP portfolios and IP strategy. My only regret was not knowing about ecotechlaw® when those patent portfolios were being created. ecotechlaw® is thorough, quick on the uptake, able to handle complex inventions, and uniquely aligned being sensitive to business objectives. We feel more like a partner rather than a client.

James Mercs
Vertiplex Group (serves clients like Porsche, Panasonic, Audi, Daqri and Fox)

As a developer of award-winning software focused on using our stories and innovations to teach children to begin reading, writing, and spelling at very young ages, Dara and his team of attorneys at ecotechlaw have been instrumental in developing and protecting all aspects of our company’s IP portfolio. They are very focused and easy to work with, and their legal and technical acumen come at a very fair price. I recommend them highly.

Sherrilyn Fisher
Founder and CEO
Learning Circle Kids, LLC

Experienced IP Support

At ecotechlaw®, we assert our clients’ IP interests in a wide range of industries. To see how we can help you, contact us online or call 415-651-4234 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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