Energy and Water

True to our “eco” brand, our firm represents clients in diverse technologies that advance “sustainability.” Our clients are driven to reduce humanity’s carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. We work collaboratively with them to create a healthy and sustainable living environment.

  • Water: Treatment of organic-enriched streams, cavitation systems, pipe monitoring systems and flow modeling systems
  • Alternative energy: Solar, wind, hydrodynamic, fuel cells, batteries, biomass and biogas
  • Energy efficiency: Fenestration, spectral distributions for plant growth, coatings and films


Our mission at Conservation X Labs is to harness exponential technologies, open innovation, and entrepreneurship to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, scale and sustainability of conservation efforts to end human-induced extinction. It has been a pleasure working with Dara and his team at ecotechlaw®,where we have counsel that understand and share in our mission, and serve more as a colleague and partner than as hired legal expertise. Our needs are varied, complex, and substantial. We have particularly come to rely on Dara’s breadth of expertise in many facets of the law, such as patents, licensing, formulating agreements, etc., to protect our company’s intellectual assets, and to help navigate a wide range legal issues that require in-depth understanding of science, engineering, finance and law. We truly feel that Dara is invested in our success, and we could not recommend him and his firm more highly.

Alex Dehgan
Conservation X Labs

I highly recommend Ben Bedi and his team at ecotechlaw® for all matters related to IP law. We have benefitted from their legal, technical skills as well as their efficiency. We have built, at a reasonable price, an international patent portfolio relating to high performance thin films and coatings that accounts for our competitive advantage. As someone with over 20 years of experience formulating IP strategies and spearheading innovation in engineering departments of various global companies, I absolutely recommend Ben and his team for all matters related to value extraction from innovation.

Ravi Prasad, Ph.D.
Vitriflex, Inc.

We closely work with Ben Bedi and his team of lawyers at ecotechlaw® to manage and expand our IP portfolio relating to our groundbreaking water treatment and renewable energy technologies. In addition to strong patent strategy advice we require a deep and multidisciplinary understanding of the complex principles of sonochemistry and physics as well as biology and chemistry. ecotechlaw® continues to serve us exceedingly well at a very fair price and we always feel that they are a part of our team.

Richard Philpott, Ph.D.
Burst Laboratories

I sought counsel of Ben Bedi and his team of lawyers at ecotechlaw when I received a cease and desist letter from a competitor, who was threatening my company with a patent infringement lawsuit. ecotechlaw analyzed the competitor’s case and recommended that I should not focus on the patent infringement threat because the competitor’s case was not yet ripe and that I should focus on filing my own IP. I followed their advice and did just that. ecotechlaw got me started with a provisional patent application, which ultimately issued to a patent. But, even before the patent application issued, I sold my company and the valuation of the pending patent application had a huge impact on the sale price of my company. Many thanks to ecotechlaw! Instead of spending a large sum of money to defend against a patent infringement lawsuit that never materialized, I made money by selling my own patent. Now I’m setting up a new venture and plan to collaborate with ecotechlaw again.

Chuck Medlock
Former CEO
Chillit Chillers LLC

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