Mechanical Systems

Our clients develop groundbreaking technologies in the aviation, construction, power generation and consumer electronic industries. Their innovations are integrated into robotics, imaging systems, audio processing devices, control systems and consumer products.

  • Robotics: Specialized end effectors, gantry robots, machine vision and machine learning
  • Optics: LiDAR, image processing, infrared thermal, image mapping and projectors
  • Sensors: X-ray diffraction, backscatter, ultrasonics, biometric, radar, sonar and infrared


Our non-destructive inspection technology is used to manage fleets and relies on deep understanding of robots that range from large gantry types to smaller ones that are deployed at the underside of the crafts, end-effectors, different types of sensors an complex controls systems. We work very closely with Ben Bedi and his team of lawyers at ecotechlaw to build a U.S. and foreign patent portfolio that advances our business objectives. We are impressed with their quick uptake and synthesis of complicated information and recommend their services.

Bill Manak
Aerofleet LLC

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